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    The Continental Stone Crafts Industry Co. LTD, A company endowing stone with aritistic life and soul.
    Founded in 1989, the company was the beginning of the inspirational development based on stone craft products in the high-end market for over two decades. The company is focused on stone craft products, as numerous commercial opportunities came to the front with; hotels, office buildings, residential, park landscaping, became possible. They were able to grow an international reputation for high quality products around the world and became trusted at home and abroad through 20 years of hard work and quality merchandise.

    Continental Stone Crafts Industry Co LTD, has been awarded the High Tech Private Enterprises” award in Guangdong Province; awarded the Contract and Accredit Honoring Unit. They also received the “Main Private Enterprise for Yunfu City” award, and received countless other awards and honors as well.

    Today the company also has the prowess of it’s own independently quarries, and has independent developing and research ability. In order to meet the comprehensive needs of the country at home and abroad, the company is expanding the business of Marble Slab, cut to size tiles and thin slab products.

    The Continental Stone Crafts Industry Co LTD will do all the continuous efforts for a respected stone company.